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iRoof Fascia Soffit Repair in Dublin 6

We are local roofers in Ballsbridge. iroofing are based in Heather Rd business park Sandyford & cover the Ballsbridge area. We are a family run business with generations of experience as roofing contractors and general roof repairs from leaking to exterior decorating spanning over 30 years. Our aim is to provide quality of service and competitive rates. Providing excellent Roof Repairs Ballsbridge – Roofers Ballsbridge

We have been working in Ballsbridge area for over 3 decades. We provide professional roofing services to our clients. We certified and endorsed. All our work comes fully guaranteed up to 25 years.

A truly helpful, friendly and reliable service from iroofing .We are members of Trusted People & National Guilds of master craftsmen

Roofers Ballsbridge”we are perfectly situated to offer slate roofing services throughout a number of areas in South Dublin. At iroofing roofing, we cover all aspects of slate roofing from installations to repairs and much more. All slate roof work is carried out using quality materials and to the highest possible standards.

For professional slate roofing services in the Ballsbridge area be sure to get in touch with iroofing Roofing. With a team of expert slate roofers in Ballsbridge, we have all the skills and knowledge needed to ensure a professional and efficient service is provided.

Slate is highly durable and a traditional roofing product, making it very suitable for roofing. Like other types of roofing, slate has been used for many years covering residential homes. There are different grades of slates and they come from many countries around the world. The most commonly used during the 1980’s was Welsh. Unfortunately, due to a shortage in the amount left in the quarries, this has now pushed the price of Welsh slates to an all-time high. However, this now means slates can be used from other parts of the world. We can offer a sample and experienced guidance as to which covering would be best for you – to suit your budget and what would be best aesthetically for your property.

Professional Slate Roofing Installers Ballsbridge

At iroofing Roofing, we have a team of professional slate roofing installers who have all the skills and knowledge needed to carry out installations and repairs. Our team of slate roofing installers have undergone extensive training to ensure they provide the highest level of service to our customers. When you choose iroofing Roofing, we’ll work with you to ensure a slate roof is the best type to choose and we’ll guide you through the slate options available to you.

Concrete / Clay Roof Tiling Ballsbridge

Offering Tiled Roofing Services Throughout The South Dublin area

There is a very wide selection of concrete roof tiles, ranging from small plain tiles to larger concrete profile tiles. Redland 49s is the most popular roof covering in Ireland. In the current, ‘modern age’ Redland have now improved the colour choice and made slight changes to improve the tiles. This has resulted in even more demand for the Redland profile tiles. They offer fantastic value for the roof covering and if installed to Redland’s guidelines, look fantastic on residential homes. We at iroofing Roofing only carry out work to the highest standards and all of our cement work is carried out using coloured cement to match the tile colour.

Do you need a Tile Roof Expert in Ballsbridge?

We are experts and experienced in  concrete & clay tile roof repairs! The pros and cons of tile roofs are that the materials are very durable and long lasting but also require regular maintenance to maximize its longevity.

Consequently, tile roofs are becoming an old trend that is slowly diminishing over the years, and we are the only few remaining specialists that are experienced and know how to repair them.. We pride ourselves in working with our clients and offering the best advice and service , we  only recommend products that will be beneficial to our customers from Roofers Ballsbridge.

Integrity and trust are our fundamental beliefs! Contact us if your home has a tile roof!

Due to the Irish climate a common problem affecting felt flat roofs is the unsightly growth of moss and algae this moss growth brought on by our inclement weather requires regular removal.

Fibreglass flat roofs do not suffer with this problem as moss and algae are simply unable to grow on fibreglass.

Another common problem suffered by felt flat roofs is blistering and cracking, these issues ultimately lead to costly maintenance bills.

Fibreglass flat roofs do not crack or blister nor are the susceptible to moss and algae, leaving you safe in the knowledge there will be no unforeseen costs, if you would like to know more contact us today.

Ok as everything else the cost of installing a fibreglass roof can be between €70 to €90 SM on a fibreglass roof installation you must strip back to the complete frame make sure everything is secure & the water flow angles are correct before installing the OSB sheets fibreglass is becoming a very popular.

Fibreglass Flat Roofs Do Not Leak

Unlike traditional flat roofs in Dublin, fibreglass roofing is a seamless one-piece installation because of this water is unable to penetrate the roof and cause leaks. This, coupled with the fact that fibreglass flat roofs do not crack or blister, enables us to offer a comprehensive 30-year guarantee.

Fibreglass flat roofing is flame retardant the surface is so durable it can withstand regular foot traffic.

At iroofing, we install BBA approved flat roofing which is long-lasting and easy to maintain. You can be assured the roofs we produce are leak-free! Simply put we are fibreglass flat roof specialists! Your home or commercial premises could not be in safer hands.

Want to know more about why you should choose fibreglass flat roofs in Ballsbridge.

Fibreglass is a newer roofing system that lends itself best to flat roofing but is also suitable for pitched roofs in some applications. Fibreglass is much more durable than felt and stronger too. A fibreglass roof will last for more than 20 years and it’s less likely than felt to develop a fault.

Why is fibreglass expensive?

Fiberglass material can be placed 7-8 years, itself has a waterproof, sunscreen performance, and real rod material is only suitable for indoor. There is a difference in service life between the two. So the price of glass fibre reinforced plastic material than the price of some expensive.

Chimney repairs Ballsbridge

Chimney repairs Ballsbridge Keeping your chimney in a good state of repair is vital for safety and preventing unwanted issues like downdraught or the emissions of dangerous gasses. Chimneys can become weathered or suffer damage from storms or lack of regular sweeping and maintenance – leaving you with an unsightly and potentially dangerous feature which can cause damage to your property and surroundings.

At iroofing we offer a range of chimney repair and maintenance services to keep your chimney in excellent condition.

  • Our experienced technicians can repair, clean and maintain your chimney to ensure there’s no risk from crumbling or falling masonry and address any deterioration in the chimney
  • Get blockages cleared so that your chimney can be restored to a safe working condition
  • We can fit chimney cowls to counter the effects of downdraughts and prevent problems with bird’s nests, as well as safely removing nests. A cowl will also stop poor weather from having a detrimental affect on your flue and fireplace

Chimney repairs Ballsbridge

Our team of highly skilled professionals have years of experience with repairs, refurbishment and replacement of chimneys and will be able to help you keep your chimney in perfect working order.

Health & Safety

Safety is priority on all our building projects and we ensure this by maintaining the highest safety standards for all employees and sub-contractors.

Chimney flashing costs

Chimney repairs Ballsbridge The lead flashing around a chimney helps protect the overall roof structure from the effects of the elements, keeping rain out of the vulnerable part of the roof where the chimney meets the tiles. Good lead flashing will last for decades, but if it is badly fixed or too thin, it can come loose or crack and lead to larger problems.

“Roofers Ballsbridge”Chimney flashing repairs Ballsbridge The price for replacing all four sides of flashing (the apron, step flashing and back box) is around €400 to €500 for the materials and the labour – however, this is the cost if no scaffolding is involved. If it is needed, as it commonly is with chimney jobs, particularly on two-storey homes, then the cost will be around €300 to €400 more expensive if its single section, meaning a typical cost to replace the lead flashing on a chimney will be around €800.

If you are simply repairing the flashing with a new section or sealing up cracks with welding, then the costs can be around €200 for the repairs themselves, but again, the price of scaffolding will increase this.Lead flashing repairs Ballsbridge

Chimney repointing Ballsbridge Repointing is vital if the mortar in your brickwork is failing and letting water into the chimney. The process is very similar to any other brickwork repointing, but as with other chimney jobs, the fact it typically has to be done at height usually makes it more expensive. A small chimney could be repointed for around €500, rising to €1,000 or more for very large chimney stacks, but the cost of scaffolding must then be added on to that.

We repair and maintain all types of roofs and we can replace any roof – if absolutely necessary. But in the majority of cases a repair is all that is needed.

If you’ve got a roofing problem, roof repair South Dublin is the solution. Most repair jobs are completed in just one day,  Plus, you get a guarantee with all our work and excellent customer service, So you never have to worry about your roof again

We excel at providing repair services for customers in the South Dublin area. Our roofing services extends over all of the South Dublin region. For 20 years we have built our reputation on being a reliable roofer in the Blackrock area, repairing roofs to a high standard and at a low cost to our customers.

It can be a very costly and take a huge amount of your precious time to get your roof repaired. And rather annoyingly roof leak repair it usually can’t be priced over the phone either. Most of the time a roofer will need to call out to your house before they can give you an accurate estimate for the work that needs to be done.

However this short article should give you an idea of the various factors involved in the price and whether you can expect a small or large bill!

Important: Make sure that the roofer inspects both the inside and outside of your roof before giving you your quite. Without inspecting both sides, they simply cannot give an accurate assessment of the situation and the work that needs to be done.

Difficulty Of Access

If you are living in a bungalow then access to your roof should be quite straightforward, however if you are in a two or even three storey building it can be much trickier. Anything higher than that and ladders aren’t going to cut it. You’ll need a cherry picker and straight away that will add a lot the total bill.

The slope of your roof will also be a factor. For example a flat roof is much easier to inspect and repair than a very steep roof.

Some homes also have no or very poor access to the side or rear of the house. This can also be a factor in the eventual cost.

The Type of Roof

When it comes to repair costs, the slope and pitch of your roof is a factor but more importantly is the type of material used. Repairing concrete tiles can be relatively cheap but slate tiles can be much more expensive and also require more labour hours.

Flat roofs can be even more expensive again especially if your flat roof is made of a metal.

Water Damage

If your roof has been leaking for quite a while without your knowledge then your roofer may uncover further water damage underneath your tiles. This will obviously add quite a bit more to your repair cost but is an important part of the process, as ignoring this could lead to a much bigger job down the road

Fascia & soffit installation Ballsbridge

Looking for uPVC Fascia and Soffit installer in Ballsbridge  Are your uPVC Fascia and Soffit damaged and need replacing or repair? Keeping your uPVC Fascia and Soffit in good condition is vital to keeping damp and water damage inside your property away. Give our team of skilled gutter experts a call.

When applying fascia and soffit onto your house, it might look like a simple procedure but in matter of fact it is a delicate procedure. Our outcome when installing the facia and soffit onto your home, the end goal for use is for you to think as if we applied paint onto the wooden frame but when getting a closer you will then realise that it is fascia installed.

Fascia & soffit Ballsbridge

The reason why we encourage our clients to get fascia and soffit added onto their house is not just for looks but also for protection. By getting this installed it will protect the wooden support such as the joist and rafter from rot eating away at the support beams.

By allowing the rot to grow it will cause the roof of house to become unstable and unsafe.

uPVC Fascia and Soffit Services Ballsbridge

We provide a multitude of Fascia and Soffit services:

  • Fascia and Soffit Installations
  • Fascia and Soffit Repairs Ballsbridge
  • Cracked or Splitting Fascia and Soffit
  • Storm Damaged Fascia and Soffit
  • Leaking Fascia and Soffit Repair
  • Rotten or Water Damaged Fascia and Soffits
  • Fascia and Soffit Braket & Connections Replace
  • Fascia and Soffit Cleaning Services

Our Fascia and Soffit services in Dublin give you total peace of mind. That’s how we think guttering should be done!

The great thing and the benefit of having our fascia and soffit applied to your house will benefit you and your house. How this will benefit you is by having the satisfaction knowing that your house looks great is also protected as well.

The benefit this product will have on your house will be that the joist and rafters are protect from the rot.

When we apply this Fascia and Soffit to your house we also make sure that we allow any type of moisture to leave and be properly vented out of that area. How we make sure that the area that has the fascia and soffit applied to is being properly ventilated correctly.

What we do is apply a ventilation strip multiple times to make sure that fresh air can come in and the damp air can leave without causing any issues to the wooden structure.

Cost Effective Fascia and Soffit Services South Dublin

Most affordable Fascia and Soffit services rates in South Dublin. As well as this, we’ll offer you great value for money when you use more of our quality gutter services. For example when you need our gutter repairs and our gutter cleaning services, just get them at the same time and avail of our brilliant cost savings.

What you can expect from us

“Roofers Ballsbridge” With customers consistently returning to iroofing this shows that we like to build a good relationship with our clients as we believe that our clients come first. Simply by word of mouth from our clients iroofing was able to grow.

  • Gutter repairs expertise
  • Qualified & certificated
  • Fully insured
  • Experienced and established
  • Affordable gutter services
  • Customer care second to none
  • Flexible booking slots
  • Clean and tidy jobs

How much does it cost to replace fascia and soffits?

It all depends in a number of factors to the cost of fascia and soffits. The size of the property, the chosen materials and so on. You can request a free fascia and soffit quote with us and we will visit you onsite and quote.