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When you are looking for experienced roofers in Dublin, then International Roofing are here to help. We offer help to repair your roof whether its damaged or the irish weather gets the better of it. And when the time comes to replace it, we are here to make the process a simple straight forward one. Read below about torch on flat roofing.

Torch-on Roofing Felt

Torch-on roofing, or torch-on felt roofing, is a flat roof covering that involves layers of modified bitumen known as (felt), melted and fixed onto the roof and each other with the use of a blow-torch to create an impenetrable, waterproof seal. Which is ideal for the weather we get in Dublin.
The process involves a vapor control sheet, reinforced felt and a top sheet with mineral finish. Three layers of felt are required by building regulations for habitable areas of a home, example being a flat roof kitchen or extension roof. For sheds and garages, only less may be needed.
Applying these layers with the use of a hot flame makes torch-on felt roofing a job best left to the professionals.
Torch-on roofing felt is known as one of the quickest and most reliable flat roof installations readily available systems.

What are the Benefits of felt flat roofing?

A torch-on felt roof is a quick and straightforward job our roofers who know what they are doing. One of the factors that adds to this quick installation time is the ability of torch-on felt to be applied in both dry and wet weather. This is one advantage it holds over other popular flat roof repair solutions such as G.R.P.
Torch-on roofing felt is reliability and known for its resistance to UV rays, strong winds and rain. The mineral finish of the felt breaks up sun light as it hits it to stop the bitumen from melting. This means temperatures in doors are kept cool during the summer. Similar to tar and chip driveways.

Torch-on Roofing Felt Prices

To hire a roofer or roofing firm for a three-layer torch-on felt job on a single garage, expect to pay anything between the €1250 – € 1850, significantly lower than other more popular flat roof systems such as GRP and fiberglass roofing.
Torch-on felt roofing is not the cheapest option available, this is made up for because of the long-term value it offers makes it a smart, cost effective solution that requires little or no maintenance over a long term.
A torch-on felt roof can last anywhere between 20 and 25 years, depending on conditions. Many of the layers you need for a torch roofing system can be purchased at many different hardware shops.

What Applications can Torch-on Felt be Used on?


Torch-on felt can be applied to concrete, timber and metal deck flat roofs, and can form the covering for garages, sheds and flat roof extensions. As well as residential and commercial flat roofs, torched-on can also be applied to larger buildings.
If you are repairing an existing flat roof, it is possible to torch the felt over the material already in place provided those materials are in good quality. If your current roof is not in good condition, it makes most sense to remove any old material and start over. We will offer to remove the roof and dispose of it(if needed).
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