Asphalt roofing services in and around Wicklow

Asphalt is one of the top ways to protect construction areas from flat roofs to flooring and paving. When it comes to ensuring that new roofs are as weatherproof as possible, International Roofing And Guttering can use asphalt as a way to ensure this. Roofing companies in Wicklow recommend this treatment for flat roofs that are used for outdoor living spaces as well as for commercial customers.


  • Asphalt flat roof services
  • Ultimate level of weatherproofing
  • Ideal for frequent use flat roofs
  • Perfect for commercial buildings
  • Various other roofing services on offer

Protect your flat roof

Flat roofs are notorious for being a bit of a problem, prone to leaking and not lasting as long as slating or tiling on a pitched roof typically does. If you have a roof that has been needing frequent roof repairs but isn’t quite ready for a complete replacement, then using asphalt or hot melt may be worth considering. These techniques can restore the weatherproofing of this section of the house and ensure the bad weather stays firmly outside.

If the time does come to replace the roof material, we have various options and can even offer the DuoPly system which comes with an impressive 20-year guarantee. We can also install Velux roof windows and skylights while replacing the roof material to add light and air to your home.

Other roofing work

Nor is working on flat roofs all that we do. We can help with a variety of roofing repairs and services and even with secondary elements such as zinc or copper on the roof or leading flashing. All quotes are free, and all work is guaranteed so you can be certain of the quality of what we do. We work across the Wicklow area and are happy to come to your home to chat about the project you have in mind.

iRoofing and Guttering Wicklow

“We had a big problem with an old leaky roof. I have to say that the guys from International Roofing were great. There was very little fuss, they were in and out, fixed up the roof for a very reasonable price – only regret is that we didn’t call them sooner. Thanks!”

Customer in Roundwood


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