Expert roofing repair services will protect your home

Wicklow’s Roofing Services

iRoofing repair services to protect your home

If you are looking at roofing contractors in Wicklow and want to be certain of the quality of the work you receive, then International Roofing And Guttering is here for you. We offer a range of roof repairs services including to flat roofs and also removing and adding new roofs when the time for replacement comes.

Our Services

  • iRoofing Contractors
  • Get your flat roof in top condition
  • Range of roofing and maintenance tasks
  • Fit new Velux windows to your roof
  • Complete new roofs fitted

Full roofing services

Our full roofing services mean that if you need repairs on your roof or the areas around it, we are your first call. We have repaired roofs on many types of property and can also offer services such as slating and tiling to repair or replace individual or small numbers of tiles that have been damaged by the weather or debris.

The other big type of roofing is the flat roof and we have solutions for repairing and reroofing these areas. These include the DuoPly EPDM membrane that is perfect for flat roofs of all sizes as well as asphalt and hot melt options to repair or renew your flat roof.

Other services

While roof repairs and replacements are the main areas we cover, we also offer other services to help maintain your home’s weatherproofing. This includes working around the roof on replacing areas such as zinc, copper and lead flashing, normally found around chimneys and roof windows.

We are also a Velux roof window supplier so if you want top quality roof windows fitted into your loft then we can do this job for you. We give free quotes for all work so if you have a project in mind, a problem to solve or simply want to explore options, give us a call and we can visit your property to go through them.