5 Top Materials for Your Home’s Flat Roof

For many years, flat roofs were the nightmare of the homeowner. They were even a question on your insurance application because they could be so prone to leaking and pulling apart. But the situation has changed in recent times as more varieties of materials have come along to handle the problem of the flat roof. Here are some of the most effective.

EPDM membrane

One of the most popular options for flat roofs is called an EPDM membrane. Systems such as DuoPly have also added other layers to this such as a polyester layer to further enhance the system. EPDM is a lightweight, flexible and hardwearing option for most sizes of flat roof with a long lifespan. It works well with Velux skylights and other features and roof repairs are relatively simple for an expert from roofing contractors in South Dublin.

Roofing felt

Roofing felt has been the choice for flat roofs for a long time, but modern products are much better quality and there are also options for hot melt finishes that make them even stronger. Felt has proven results and a well-known lifespan as well as being suitable for any roof size. Perhaps the biggest downside of it is that it isn’t suitable for regular footfall – fine for someone doing some repairs to slating or tiling but not for a balcony getting regular use.


Asphalt is a common sight on footpaths but has also been adapted to use on roofs. It is a budget-friendly option and is very hard wearing as well as working on most roof sizes. It has a long lifespan and it is relatively easy for roofers to repair it if there is some severe weather that causes damage. It does require a strong roof structure and is less flexible than other materials.


While seeing metal in the form of zinc, copper or lead flashing is common, homes are less likely to have metal on their roofs. But new roofs are now being constructed for homes in metal in some cases. They are very durable and non-combustible as well as having some heat reflective properties. Perhaps the main reason for considering metal is that it can be formed around flashings and other irregular roof features where other materials might struggle.

GRP fibreglass

If you have a smaller flat roof space, then GRP fibreglass may be worth considering. It is lightweight and very hard wearing as well as being very resistant to vandalism. There are no problems with joints leaking as it is truly jointless and has a good lifespan, although not as good as some other materials. It isn’t ideal for areas where you walk however as it is very slippery and isn’t flexible.

Flat roof options

These five flat roofing materials are the most popular on offer around the UK. By working with your roofing company to get the right one, having a section of flat roof on your home doesn’t need to be a problem. And you can certain it remains weatherproof for years to come.[/et_pb_text][/et_pb_column_inner][/et_pb_row_inner][/et_pb_column]

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