Roof Vent Installation

Roof Vent Installation

Moisture in your home generates, thats a fact of life. We release moisture into the air every time we breath, talk even sleep.Its the same as wearing glasses and having a mask on. It’s an product of everyday living. Add cooking or showers to this and then you will understand why a well vented roof is needed, especially in cities and towns.
Close you bathroom window and run a warm shower it’s easy to see the visible effects of condensation in our bathroom or kitchen. When warm moisture hits the cold surfaces of windows and radiators and forms drops of water, it’s harder to keep track of the final destination of all that other vapour we so regularly release.
Learn how moisture is created: Moist air rises and travels upwards, rising through floors and ceillings until it reaches the roof space, here the warm air and cooler air meets. This is where the effects of condensation can be most damaging. Causing damp and mould to form, to potentially rotting the timber that holds the roof together.

How can roof ventilation help when dealing with condensation?

All roofs should have some form of roof ventilation in place to prevent warm air condensing in the attic space. The most popular roof ventilation systems are simple to install, it is to have soffit vents providing cool air into the attic from a just above wallplate level, another strategy is a tile vent or even ridge vent at a higher level for the warm stale air to escape quickly without causing much damage.
This way the vent removes the damp air that has risen and creates movement of air in the attic, helping to prevent damage and mould forming on the ceiling and stopping rotting in the rafters and joists.
Hint: Get into the habit of opening up your windows to allow air circulating in your home to remove a lot of the moist air at source.
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Torch On Bitumen Felt

Torch On Bitumen Felt

Hot Felt Roofing Contractors County Dublin

Hot Felt Roof installers in County Dublin from the leading roofing company in the County Dublin area.
When you are looking for experienced roofers in Dublin, then International Roofing are here to help. We offer help to repair your roof whether its damaged or the irish weather gets the better of it. And when the time comes to replace it, we are here to make the process a simple straight forward one. Read below about torch on flat roofing.

Torch-on Roofing Felt

Torch-on roofing, or torch-on felt roofing, is a flat roof covering that involves layers of modified bitumen known as (felt), melted and fixed onto the roof and each other with the use of a blow-torch to create an impenetrable, waterproof seal. Which is ideal for the weather we get in dublin.
The process involvees a vapour control sheet, reinforced felt and a top sheet with mineral finish. Three layers of felt are required by building regulations for habitable areas of a home, example being a flat roof kitchen or extension roof. For sheds and garages, only less may be needed.
Applying these layers with the use of a hot flame makes torch-on felt roofing a job best left to the professionals.
Torch-on roofing felt is known as one of the quickest and most reliable flat roof installations readily available systems.

What are the Benefits of felt flat roofing?

A torch-on felt roof is a quick and straightforward job our roofers who know what they are doing. One of the factors that adds to this quick installation time is the ability of torch-on felt to be applied in both dry and wet weather. This is one advantage it holds over other popular flat roof repair solutions such as G.R.P.
Torch-on roofing felt is reliability and known for its resistance to UV rays, strong winds and rain. The mineral finish of the felt breaks up sun light as it hits it to stop the bitumen from melting. This means temperatures in doors are kept cool during the summer. Similar to tar and chip driveways.

Torch-on Roofing Felt Prices

To hire a roofer or roofing firm for a three-layer torch-on felt job on a single garage, expect to pay anything between the €1250 – € 1850, significantly lower than other more popular flat roof systems such as GRP and fibreglass roofing.
Torch-on felt roofing is not the cheapest option available, this is made up for because of the long-term value it offers makes it a smart, cost effective solution that requires little or no maintenance over a long term.
A torch-on felt roof can last anywhere between 20 and 25 years, depending on conditions. Many of the layers you need for a torch roofing system can be purchased at many different hardware shops.

What Applications can Torch-on Felt be Used on?


Torch-on felt can be applied to concrete, timber and metal deck flat roofs, and can form the covering for garages, sheds and flat roof extensions. As well as residential and commercial flat roofs, torched-on can also be applied to larger buildings.
If you are repairing an existing flat roof, it is possible to torch the felt over the material already in place provided those materials are in good quality. If your current roof is not in good condition, it makes most sense to remove any old material and start over. We will offer to remove the roof and dispose of it(if needed).
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Hot Felt Roof South County Dublin

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Extension Roofing

Extension Roofing

If your want a new extension roof or need repair of an older one?

It’s important to determine if the roof is in need of a quick repair or complete replacement. An entire replacement could take up to a 5 days, although a repair may only take a few hours.

Leaky Roofs symptoms are:

  • Mould & mildew growing on the walls
  • Staining of the interior walls
  • Decay & cracking on both inside and outside walls
  • Dark areas on the underneath of the roof or celling

And do not forget condensation, not every roof suffers from this problem.

Extension Roof Replacement

In this case a complete replacement, a suitable roofing company would need to find out the content of the roof, although most Extensions built between 1960-1990 contained Asbestos, so it’s important to find out either way, because apart the fact that it will help determine which tools used, it will determine the course Health & Safety precautions that will have to be followed.

Extension Roof Repair

A roof repair could be carried out, remember a repair is not a permanent, and if it’s a more serious, then it’s worth getting in touch with a iRoofing.
Below are some of our roofing services. Get in touch and we’ll find a way to meet your needs.

Flat Roofing, Guttering & Downpipes, New Roofs, Ply Roofing, Roof Repairs and all Leadwork, Fascias and Soffits, Guttering and Downpipes, Torch on Flat Felt Roofing Chimney Repairs, Roof Cleaning, Gutter Maintenance, Roof Ventilation, Velux Windows and Loft Conversions.

Fascia and Soffit Repairs D2

Fascia and Soffit Repairs D2

Few people know about Fascia & Soffit and Repairs; There are some of you who may not know when to repair your fascia. Perhaps the best place to start is to give the definition of the roof and explain what the fascia is. However, I must emphasize the importance of having a reliable housing modernization company so you can get the job done; mistakes can be expensive.
It’s okay. Then, the fascia is a piece of horizontal material that is between the highest part of the outer wall and the eaves that extend from the building. At the end of the beams, which often support the gutter, there is a fascia board. The entire lower part of the fascia is the soffit.
Leaking roofs lead many owners to despair. It seems that any amendment is only temporary because in a few years the structure begins to rot again. What is the cause of the damage? Its roof is exposed to the weather. It must withstand intense sunlight, as well as rain or snow. As long as the water is drained correctly, the structure is safe. However, any problem with moisture regulation leads to rot and destruction of your property.
The fascia and roof linings play an essential role in draining moisture from the roof structure. Although the name is foreign, you undoubtedly saw the boxes under the roof that surrounds the house. They are part of the gutter. First, the fascia keeps the gutters in the correct position. It is vital that the water runs through the drain pipe instead of splashing on the roof. Second, they collect moisture and help it evaporate through the roofs in the lower part of the structure. While the mechanism is working correctly, your roof will remain secure.
What is happening so often? If the gutters are filled with fallen leaves or the drain pipe becomes clogged, water splashes on the edges of the boards at the bottom of the roof. They absorb moisture and begin to lose shape and rot. From this point, the damage extends through all the roof layers. Rainwater begins to seep inside. This can cause large losses if the process is not stopped.

Fascia & Soffit Repairs

Why were the boards of your roof not waterproof? Wood seems to be the most popular roofing material, especially in older homes. After several years of enduring the forces of nature, the protective layers of paint begin to peel off. Finally, the wood begins to soak the rainwater and begins the process of destruction. Coatings must protect the skeleton. However, wooden ones also begin to rot. You need to repair the frame to protect your home.
For Fascia & Soffit Repairs, check gutters and drainage pipes at least once a year. Remove all organic matter from the interior to ensure adequate water flow. Whenever you suspect there is a problem with the roof, act immediately, a quick response can mean the variation between minor repairs and a costly renovation of the entire roof structure.
You can avoid a constant fight against leaks. Install a safe and elegant drainage mechanism to protect your home. Read more on our guttering page

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