When winter is just around the corner, the mind starts to go through the checklist of things to do to get ready for it. Checking the car tyres, making sure the boiler works, putting the garden furniture away for the year – but what about checking your roof is ready for winter? International Roofing And Guttering is one of the top roofing contractors in South Dublin and here’s how we get roofs ready for the winter season.

Check for weak spots

This is a job you can start yourself – go up into the loft and look for any spots of daylight. If you see any, this means there is a roof tile that is cracked or chipped and you need roof repairs to sort it out. Slating or tiling is the process of repairing those damaged tiles or replacing them if needed and ensures your roof is in good condition.
A thorough roof inspection should also be done periodically. This will be a job for a roofer as it involves climbing up to the roof and checking everything from the lead flashing around your Velux windows to the zinc or copper ornamental features on the roof as well as the actual roof material.

Inspect the flat roof

Flat roofs have a bit of a bad reputation but many of the modern materials are a lot tougher than previous generations. We offer DuoPly flat roof systems, as well as Torch on felt and asphalt, all of which can withstand much of what winter throws.
But it is also a good time to have an inspection of the roof just to make sure. Even a slight crack or split in the roofing can let water in and if there is a period of high winds, then the damage could grow. You don’t want to have to choose materials for new roofs in the middle of winter!

Guttering and drainpipes

As well as the actual roof materials, you also want to have someone inspect the elements around the roof that keep it working perfectly. The guttering and drainpipes are top of this list. These encircle the house and get water away from the roof and into the drains. But if they are blocked or there is moss growth, then they may not work properly.
Broken or damaged guttering can lead to penetrating damp if left unchecked. And there’s nothing nice about a flow of icy cold water from the gutter above you as you walk out to work. So a pre-winter check can be a good idea.

Check other roofs

Finally, don’t forget to check other roofs around the property. From carports to conservatories to garden buildings, all of them are worth checking as the winter comes around. By heading off a problem before it develops, you could save yourself a lot of money and a headache if we get a bad winter and the weather is extreme. And no-one wants to call out an emergency roofer if they can avoid it – so a little forward planning can pay off.

“International Roofing And Guttering did a very professional job. This was a long distance job for me and they overcame any difficulties without fuss. I am very pleased with the result. I would not hesitate to use them again.”