What are the Material Options for New Roofs?

If you search for roofing materials or visit the website of top roofing contractors in South Dublin, there’s a staggering array of options. You hear talk about slating and tiling, asphalt and hot melt for flat roofs as well as new systems like DuoPly. Then there are the finishing touches with zinc, copper, lead flashing and ornate leadwork.

The good news is you don’t need to be an expert in roofing materials to get new roofs on your home. That’s what we are here for. But let’s take a look at some of the basic options to help you understand your choices.

Slate tiles

Slate is one of the older roofing materials and is common for both roof repairs and new roofs because what made it popular then still applies now. There are different slates from around the country and each has their own look and colour. You can even get reconstituted slate where slate is bound together with resin to create tough new slate tiles.
Slate has a lifespan of 100+ years and can endure extreme temperatures. It is both snow and fire resistant and fully waterproof. You will need to ensure you work with a roofer that can fit slate as it is a little different to other materials.

Clay tiles

Clay tiles also come in a range of colours and finishes and are ideal for period builds or renovations because you can have detail in the finishing that ties in with the look of the house. Modern clay tiles are machine made but you can also invest in handmade options.
Clay tiles have a long lifespan – there are some on the Guildhall in Lincoln that dates back to the 14th century! But the weather can take a toll on them with the freeze and thaw cycle, so they do need to be checked that they meet the UK’s frost requirements when you buy them.

Concrete tiles

Concrete is a relative newcomer to the market and is already proving popular. It can be made into interlocking, strong and customised roofing materials and are ideal if you want to add things like Velux roof windows in. They also work on shallow roof pitches where some other materials don’t manage.
Concrete doesn’t last as long as slate but they are more cost-effective, so things can balance out. If you are happy with the look – and there are lots of options – they are a very practical and budget-friendly choice.

Other roofing options

There are other options for roofing that have their benefits. Shingles are made from wood, typically a Western Red Cedar but also oak or other British wood. They weather beautifully with time and are naturally good insulators. Metal roofs are often associated with commercial projects but can work on some homes, especially on shallow pitches. They are very long lasting and can adapt to complex shapes.
Finding the right roofing material depends a lot on your home and your budget. But working with an experienced roofer means you can get the right material to look great and last the longest time.

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