Roofing Repairs Dublin 2

Roofing Repairs Dublin 2

Residential Roofing in Dublin 2

Domestic Roofing in Dublin. We provide a full roofing contractor service in Dublin city and county. Our expert team can carry out all types of work, from minor repairs such as fixing chimney or fascia boards through more involved projects like installing new roofs with the latest green technology available today, which will help you reduce your carbon footprint for years to come.
We will always ensure that any work carried out is done to the highest standards with complete customer satisfaction and a guarantee on all our services as fully certified roofers in Dublin City.

If you would like more information about any service, don’t hesitate to call us on 085 815 2741 and we will be happy to give you a quote for work that needs doing today!

We also offer free quotes in Dublin. If you would like a free quote, please email us at or call on the number below, and we will arrange for one of our team to contact you within 24 hours. Contact Us Today.

Types of roof

Dublin Roofing offers a full roof repair service in Dublin, Ireland. Our services include; gutter repairs and flat roof installation as well as chimney repairs. For more details on any of our range or what we can do for you, please contact us

We cover all roofing work from small repairs to full re-roofs across a variety of materials, including tiled roofs – slate & clay tiles – terracotta shingle – corrugated sheet metal cladding withstanding severe weather conditions such as high winds, snow/ice storms, lightning strikes as well residential roofs

Our Services

iRoofing Dublin 2

Dublin Roofing has been the premier roofing provider for over 20 years. We have perfected the art of roofing and believe that every customer deserves to get a high quality, long-lasting roof at an affordable price. Our experienced team will work with you to find the perfect solution for your unique needs.

Roof Repairs Dublin 2

iRoofers keep roofs waterproof and in good condition so that they can last a long time. Roofing repairs may be needed when there’s damage from weather, wind, hail or other natural disasters such as hurricanes. If you have an old roof on your home that needs new shingles then we offer excellent low-cost options to replace them.

iroofing Torch on Flat Roof Repair

Guttering Dublin 2

Gutters are a vital part of your home. Protecting the roof and walls from dampness and decay, gutters can either be with minimal maintenance or it could make things tough if you constantly have to maintain them. There are different types of gutters that will best suit your needs. Installing metal seamless gutters, while not easy, is absolutely necessary if you want them to last. Seek out our team of professionals who will install your new system competently and completely.

Fascia & Soffit Dublin 2

Many people do not realize the importance of soffits and fascia (decorative roofing components) on the exterior of their home, but these are important parts that often go unnoticed.

Fascia and soffits create a finished look to your roof by hiding unattractive guttering or downpipes from view while adding architectural detail to the house too. They are also used as a support for the roof, as well as an extra layer of protection from rain and snow. Contact Dublin Roofing to find out how we can help you solve your roof problems.

Flat Roofing Dublin 2

Flat roofs are a type of roof that sits on top of the lower sloped roof. Flat roofs have more benefits than just an aesthetically pleasing look. They help to provide insulation for homes and buildings, they can be used as solar panels and also offer protection from windstorms. But flat roofs do require a lot of maintenance as they are easily prone to leaking in the event that snow and ice melts.

Chimney Repairs Dublin 2

When your chimney needs repair, the team at Dublin Roofing is here to help. We can fix all sorts of issues from simple creosote problems to a more complicated tuck-pointing job. Our technicians are educated in the latest techniques and always use quality materials so you know that when we’re done, your chimney will have been restored to full serviceability.

Emergency Repairs Dublin 2

When your roof is leaking, it can be a long-term disaster. An emergency situation will require immediate response to avoid serious damage. If you are in need of EMERGENCY ROOF REPAIR services then do not hesitate to call us for help! We have been providing reliable and affordable EMERGENCY ROOF REPAIR services for years.

Gutter Repairs & Installation Dublin 2

Gutter repairs are an important part of caring for your house. Gutters can become clogged, cracked or broken over time, and will need to be repaired one way or another. Gutter repairs can be done by a professional or do-it-yourself, but in some cases you will need to call out professionals.

Fasica & Soffit Repairs & Installation Dublin 2

Dublins iRoofing offers fascia and soffit repairs to homes in Dublin. The company began as a small operation, but over the years has grown into a large team of professionals who work together to ensure that each project is done right. From installation through follow-up, this team will be there from start to finish!

Fibre Glass Roofing Dublin 2

Most fibreglass roofs are guaranteed for 25 years but can last much longer, depending on the quality and any maintenance that is carried out. Dublin roofing can offer a free written guarantee for up to 20 years.

Premier Commercial Roofing in Dublin 2

We are one of the few roofing companies that provide a fully insured service. – All our work is guaranteed, and we offer free quotations on all projects that will be tailored according to – no matter how small or large your project may seem. Your Safety & Satisfaction Are Our Top Priority. Let us take the stress out of your roofing project.

Dublin Roofing provides a full roofing contractor service in Dublin City & County. The services we provide are; roof repairs, gutter repairs, fascia and soffit repairs & Installation, flat roof repairs, chimney repairs. Call us for a quote today.

High Quality Work

Dublin Roofing are highly professional roofers, offering the best in quality workmanship. We offer services including chimney repairs; gutter replacement & repair of all types from standard to heavy duty materials for commercial and residential projects.

Years of Experience

Dublin Roofing has been in operation for over 30 years and have successfully completed many projects. We offer a full range of roof repairs, gutter replacements & chimney repair services throughout Dublin City.

Fast and Efficient Roofing Projects

We offer a fast, efficient, and clean roofing project service. Our qualified team will always be on time for appointments with the customer List of services: Roof repairs; gutter replacements & repair work from standard to heavy-duty materials – chimney cleaning/repair in Dublin City area including installation or replacement if required too. Call us today.

Insurance Claims

Dublin’s iRoofing will take care of your insurance claim process, we cover all the work and materials. We can provide you with a quote for any type of roof repair service that’s required to be done at competitive rates.

Best Price Guarantee

We guarantee a quality service at the best price. It includes labor and materials needed for repair work – we will provide a detailed quote before any repairs commence.

Customer Service

Dublin Roofing will listen to your requirements and any information that you may have. We are dedicated, trustworthy people who care about our customers – we want them happy with the service they receive from us at all times. Call us 085 815 2741

Fascia and Soffit Repairs D2

Fascia and Soffit Repairs D2

Few people know about Fascia & Soffit and Repairs; There are some of you who may not know when to repair your fascia. Perhaps the best place to start is to give the definition of the roof and explain what the fascia is. However, I must emphasize the importance of having a reliable housing modernization company so you can get the job done; mistakes can be expensive.
It’s okay. Then, the fascia is a piece of horizontal material that is between the highest part of the outer wall and the eaves that extend from the building. At the end of the beams, which often support the gutter, there is a fascia board. The entire lower part of the fascia is the soffit.
Leaking roofs lead many owners to despair. It seems that any amendment is only temporary because in a few years the structure begins to rot again. What is the cause of the damage? Its roof is exposed to the weather. It must withstand intense sunlight, as well as rain or snow. As long as the water is drained correctly, the structure is safe. However, any problem with moisture regulation leads to rot and destruction of your property.
The fascia and roof linings play an essential role in draining moisture from the roof structure. Although the name is foreign, you undoubtedly saw the boxes under the roof that surrounds the house. They are part of the gutter. First, the fascia keeps the gutters in the correct position. It is vital that the water runs through the drain pipe instead of splashing on the roof. Second, they collect moisture and help it evaporate through the roofs in the lower part of the structure. While the mechanism is working correctly, your roof will remain secure.
What is happening so often? If the gutters are filled with fallen leaves or the drain pipe becomes clogged, water splashes on the edges of the boards at the bottom of the roof. They absorb moisture and begin to lose shape and rot. From this point, the damage extends through all the roof layers. Rainwater begins to seep inside. This can cause large losses if the process is not stopped.

Fascia & Soffit Repairs

Why were the boards of your roof not waterproof? Wood seems to be the most popular roofing material, especially in older homes. After several years of enduring the forces of nature, the protective layers of paint begin to peel off. Finally, the wood begins to soak the rainwater and begins the process of destruction. Coatings must protect the skeleton. However, wooden ones also begin to rot. You need to repair the frame to protect your home.
For Fascia & Soffit Repairs, check gutters and drainage pipes at least once a year. Remove all organic matter from the interior to ensure adequate water flow. Whenever you suspect there is a problem with the roof, act immediately, a quick response can mean the variation between minor repairs and a costly renovation of the entire roof structure.
You can avoid a constant fight against leaks. Install a safe and elegant drainage mechanism to protect your home. Read more on our guttering page

Emergency Roof Repair

Emergency Roof Repair

We have a team of seasoned professional roofers in Dublin. We are well trained, and maintain the highest standards possible. Our team of experts has the skills and the expertise needed to take care of any type of roof job. We are just a call away and offer 24/hour Emergency Roof Repairs in Dublin.

International roofing We run is that each and every one of her clients gets the chance to live in their home for years. We are local in Dublin and guarantee your home’s roof remains strong enough to shield you even against the weather in Dublin, which we all know is the toughest in the country(aswell). Our emergency roofers Dublin, you receive greater than a roofing service– you acquire a specialised team of roofers that are happy to take care of all your roof needs in Dublin We are always on time and also provide free quotes and roofing repairs.

We offer Fast Local Emergency Roof Repairs

We’re a roofing Dublin company that would highly recommend by others. We offer a 25-year guarantee on new roof and 15-year guarantee on all roof repairs.

Call us today to set up an appointment with our roofer to plan out your new roof or roofing replacement on a time and date to suit your schedule. Get the perfect and trusted roofing company in Dublin for your domestic or industrial roofing requirements. Contact us.

We make use of only the best products to build or repair your roofs. We provide only the best work on every single roof we provide. We combine our high quality workmanship, exceptional expertise and low cost to offer you with services unbeaten by our competitors.

Roofing Guarantee – We stand behind our work with competitive guarantees to ascertain quality of job done. Our roofing experience has offered us with the expertise as well as skill needed to offer the exquisite customer satisfaction.

Free Inspections & Quotes – We offer free roofing examinations and call outs. By doing this, you know the full price of your project before we start.

Recommended Roofers – We do all works without other sub contractors from building and installing brand-new roofs to replacing a damaged roof. We provide a 30-Year Warranty on all new roof installations as well as a 15-year warranty on all roof repair services in Dublin.

Our expert roofers are near you and just a call away in Dublin, we provide only great workmanship and also leave your property looking lovely. When you select our emergency roofing services, get the experts, you also get a trusted team.

Affordable Roofing and Guttering in Dublin

We offer expert services for both domestic and industrial roofing. We supply high-quality workmanship, using our superior knowledge, as well as low prices to provide you with service unequaled by our competitors.

Our roofing contractors in Dublin serve north and south dublin, and are fast at fixing flat roof, gutters and soffit, roof repairs, roofing contractors in dublin. Highly trained, representing skilled high standard and always do a great job.

– We are one of the best local roofing companies in Dublin, we’re highly viewed and offer free quotes and best costs for replacing or installing your new roof.
– Our emergency roofers services are provided by experts at leak repair, fixing leaking roofs and attending to any storm damage repairs in dublin, no job too big or small.

Get in touch for all our 24 hour emergency roof repairs

If your repair is an emergency, we will arrange for a roofing team to call out to your home and assess the damage. We then togther with you figure out the best action to take and then provide the best roof solution.

Roof Repair Shankill

Recommended Roofing and Guttering in all area’s of Shankill

The weather in dublin can cause lasting damage for your roof and leave it in need of roof repairs, usually homeowners can wait and think or it can be an emergency situation. In these situations a home or business owner may feel rushed. By contacting iRoofing Shankill you will be guaranteed only quality roof repair.This can be caused by many things; Storm damage from the hail, tree damage due to falling limbs, or even the damage by people walking your roof. Not to mention loose worn out slate, cracked or sun damaged tiles, the list goes on.
Keeping this in mind, about 90% of rook leaks are caused by improper installation or by defective metal flashing. It’s rare to find that the actual roofing product failed.
Flashing is what’s found near any roof penetration area such as chimney areas, step, apron and valley areas, anywhere where the roof angles join together.
During a repair, it is necessary to look for any other roof damage that could lead to future problems. If the leaks are not addressed, the structure of your home may be weakened as the building frame continues to be exposed to dampness.Slating Roof Repair Dublin

Where Damage Usually Occur

Roofs, gutters, flashings, and skylights are the structures that receive the most damage during a storm. Conditions such as roof pitch, the direction of the wind, age, and temperature of the roofing material all play into effect when it comes to roof repairs after a storm. There are many problems that can occur, and it’s important to have a trained professional who can spot these problems very easily.

In addition, the poor installation tiles, which are sometimes placed incorrectly, may need to be addressed. If roof tiles are missing, these will need to be replaced also.
When storm damage has occurred, it is very important that individuals check their roof for needed repairs regularly.
Most opt for spring because of the fair weather and due to the fact that spring storms and heavy rains make you think more about your roofs integrity.

Different Types of Roof Repair Damage all repaired by the best roofers in dublin

Ridge Tiles Replacement

These are the tiles on the peak or apex of the roof that often start to move after a few years as the weather takes it toll on them being the at the very peak of the roof they are most exposed to Sun and winds & rain.

Best choice Roofing Contractors Dublin try iroofing

Extensions Roof Repair Shankill

Often during high winds tiles are misplaced and need to be replaced in order to prevent leaking and more extensive damage having to be repaired at a later stage.  Best to get this done the minute you notice it.

Leaking or Damaged Underfelt

Often the felt lining between the roof and the gutters can get worn or torn and requires to be replaced and reduce leaks into the main roof.  Age or often high winds can do damage to this lining

A Guide To Roof Repairs In Dublin.

Roofs are arguably the very most important parts of our homes and buildings. Try and imagine life  without having no roofs; properties would basically be inhabitable.
Roofs take all the beating from hail, rain, snow and other weather conditions of the weather while we stay underneath them cozy and dry going about with our tasks. However, these roofs can only shelter us for a specific period and they go through various types of problems.
If you wish to see one delivering you for a long time, it is sensible to spend money in roof repairs from moment to moment so that any little problem with it can be addressed before it becomes significant and require you to spend more or even change out the whole roof.
Going about roof repair projects is not a straightforward thing since you need to address several concerns. Who is the best roof repair contractor in Shankill for the job?

These kinds of are some of the questions that will remain in your mind when preparing for a roof repair project. This guide will look into some important aspects encompassing roof repairs so that at the end of it all, you won’t be lost and will definitely have an excellent idea of how to tackle such projects. Read on;
Most Common Types Of Roof Problems and Their Solutions.
Nowadays, you are not limited to anything when picking a roofing material. This part will look into some of the most common damages on your roof and how they can be fixed.
What are the Material Options for New Roofs?
1. Blow Off Damages.
These kinds of damages mostly impact slant roofs since the roofing product acts as a barrier to the strong wind. The wind flow can damage the roof in many ways, and the most common one is blowing off the material from any part of the rooftop. It all depends on the strength of the wind flow, and it could even blow off the building material from the entire roof depending on how it is exposed. Other parts that can be damaged by the roof are the felts and sheathing that can be blow off.
Fixing blow off damages is not complicated since all one has to do is to change the material that has been blown off. The new material should be installed to the bottom of the roof securely to prevent further damage from strong wind.
2. Structural Damages.
An example is a tree blown down by a storm and falling on a roof thus causing damage. The impact of such structural damages depends on the items that have fallen on the roof. They range from simple punctures on the roofing material and sheathing to the entire collapse of the roof.
The correct fix for such problems largely depends on the extent of the accident. For the most severe ones, a roof replacement is recommended as the best course of action. Small problems such as leaks and partial damage of the roof structure can be fixed quickly by a pro.
3. Tile and slate.
Other causes of damage to the shingles can be by wind, impact by other items and foot traffic when someone is inspecting the roof. Old shingles can not serve their purpose anymore, and they become brittle and detract from the roof.
Fixing damaged shingles entails replacing them or even the entire roof as advised by an expert.
4. Roof Leaks
These are the most common damages to roofs today. Leaks caused by ice dams are complicated since the specific location where you will see water inside your space may not even be close to where the leak is situated on the roof.
Professionals come in handy when fixing leaks, and they can do it by inspecting the cracks and flashing on the roof. They will also look at the chimney and vents, damaged shingles and leaks in the deck for any signs of passages that can allow water to seep through. Depending on where they spot the space, they will seal it and pour water to determine whether it still leaks or not.
5. Missing Flashing.
Roof flashing is an important part of the roof. Over time it gets destroyed and allows water to seep into the roof.
Fixing the flashing depends on the damage to it and is mainly done by inspecting the roof and changing them or installing the existing ones properly. Flashings are relatively durable and can be recycled.
6. Gutters and Downpipes in D2.
Gutters and downspouts are meant to guide water flowing on the roof away to a drainage system. This helps to avoid cases of water accumulating on the roof and causing leaks. They need to be in good condition to prevent moisture damage on other parts of the home. These parts need to be working correctly and can be damaged in many possible ways. Common causes of damage are dents on different sections and detaching of some parts if the wood or connecting material becomes loose. Gutters can also be obstructed by debris on the roof, and this makes them unable to let water flow freely.
Fixing it is done by inspecting the interior part of these rain gutters and clearing out any building material that might block the water path. Dents and scrapes can also be fixed to allow water to flow freely.
7. Ventilation Problems.
Roof air flow needs to be in top condition since damages can allow animals and other elements of weather such as hailstones to get into your living space. They also get blocked over time and fail to perform their function.
Fixing them entails inspection of the vents and installing new ones if need be.
8. Roof Scorching.
Blistering is caused by trapped moisture and poor ventilation within shingles. When this moisture is trapped, it can be heated by the sun and make it expand, thus forming a blister. Blisters are not much of a bother since they do not affect the roof, but the problem comes in when it pops. If the blister stays that way for long, it could lead to granule loss. This loss will decrease the lifetime of the shingles and make your roof susceptible to more damages.
Blisters should be pointed out clearly since they can be confused with other forms of problems and fixed by releasing the trapped moisture.

Ranelagh Roofing Dublin 6

Roof Repairs Ranelagh Dublin 6

The roof on your home is an important part of the property’s structure. It is there to protect your home from the elements and potential intruders. When a roof becomes damaged, it stops serving as a barrier against rain, wind, hail, snow, UV rays, pests, and various natural hazards, such as falling tree branches. If your home’s roof is in poor condition, water can start to leak into your property and cause extensive damage to other parts of your home. The reality is that a small leak can cause large scale water leakage depending on its location. To avoid costly damage to your property, you should avail of roof repairs services from an insured Ranelagh Dublin roofing company as soon as possible.

Here are some of the most common roof repairs:

Replacing broken tiles.
– Finding and fixing leaks.
– Fixing broken Tiles.
– Improving water drainage on a flat roof.
– Repairing foam roofing.
– Fixing storm damage.
When it comes to roof repair safety, repair work should always be carried out on a clear day when the roof is dry. A roof that is not completely dry presents a dangerous slipping hazard. Secondly, safety ropes should always be used and on steep roofs, a ladder will be needed for secure anchoring. In terms of footwear, rubber-soled shoes are essential for roofing work and the location of power sources should be identified before work begins. As roofing work can be very dangerous, unless you are a qualified roofer, you should always hire a professional credible roofing company to carry out repair work.
Some of the main benefits of regular roof repairs include extending a roof’s lifespan, immediate identification of any weak spots, long term savings on repair bills, and a clean roof. If your home’s roof is constructed from quality roofing materials, it’s likely to have a lifespan over around 25 years, but without regular maintenance, the lifespan can be significantly shortened.
Regular clean-ups are also important as pollution can cause damage and decay to a roof. If the gutters are clogged with leaves, for example, rainwater can start to collect on roof surfaces and cause a lot of damage. Bird droppings and nests can also cause damage to your roof as well as spread disease. Scheduling regular roof inspections from a reputable local roofing firm is the best way to ensure your roof remains in top condition for years to come.
If you fail to attend to roofing repairs immediately, you risk having to pay for a complete roof replacement. Many people fail to realise how quickly damage can spread. What’s more, the damage will not be limited to your roof – other key structural elements of your property can also become irreparably damaged.
It’s important to note that some roof damage is hard to identity. Therefore, getting regular roof inspections from professionals in the industry is important. You can schedule monthly, quarterly or yearly roof inspections with Roof Repairs Ranelagh Dublin. The company’s credibility and affordable prices speak for themselves. Visit the company’s official website to obtain a free estimate today.
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iRoofing and Roof Repairs in Clondalkin have been providing professional roofing and guttering services all across Clondalkin. We are known for our high quality workmanship and using irish materials, supporting irish jobs nationwide.

We offer a variety of services, working on jobs of all sizes. Our team work primarily with domestic clients, however we also carry out commercial work when needed.

We know that emergencies can happen anytime, which is why we offer a 24/7 service. We are based in Clondalkin, Co. Dublin, we travel all across Dublin. Our company is 100% Irish owned and we buy our materials from Irish suppliers.

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